The mission of the association is first to support our Alma Mater by providing direct resources to the University and facilitate collaboration with institutions of higher learning in North America to enhance academic excellence. The second part of our mission is to promote the interest of our Alumni in North America by networking and assisting each other.

There have been significant changes and progress over the past decades like the introduction of new programs that will meet the challenges of Ghana’s growing economy.

We have to stay plugged into the progress of the university and positively influence the direction of the university and support students. To this cause, the KNUST Alumni in North America has established an endowment fund to support the various schools and provide scholarships to students.

We implore you to actively participate in the events of the association at the National and Regional Chapter levels as we continue to promote exceptional training of our students. You can support by directly contributing to the endowment fund, mentoring other young alumni and volunteering your time through our community events.

Explore our website to get more information on the leadership of the association, our bye-laws, the various regional chapters, upcoming events, etc. To get more information about the Alumni, contacts us at